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  • A much interest has been rising on the subject of photo-responsive organic molecules and polymers, ever since they demonstrated promise for the present and future generation materials for ultrahigh speed information processing and high capacity information storage devices.
  • With regard to this there has been an intense materials research in areas of low optical loss polymers, electro-optic modulators with high speed, bright and wavelength-tunable light emitting diodes, optical recording devices with high density, high-diffraction-efficiency photorefractive polymers, organic thin film transistors, 3-D optical data storages, photodynamic therapy applications using highly efficient 2-photon materials, etc.
  • As a consequence the technology on photonic devices, utilizing these materials, is approaching the level of practical applications. Recently there has also been an intense interest in using organic molecules as electron switches and logic devices.
    • This conference is focused on bringing together the most advanced sciences and technologies on creating the future generation information society.
    • Most prominent scientists and engineers from Asia, Americas, and Europe, working in all areas of photo-responsive organics and polymers, will be participating to create an effective environment for learning the state of the art, and providing an arena for productive discussions within the time frame of the conference. It is intention of the conference to serve as an open forum for exchange of leading scientific results and concepts.
    • In addition, it is hope that the conference will provide an excellent oppertunity for graduate students to experience the fine link between basic research and real life problems.
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