Opening Program

Conference Address : to be announced
Conference Lecture : Honorable Shanghee Rhee, Ph.D
(Member of Korean National Assembly, Chairman of Committee for Information Science and Technology, National Assembly).
"Present and Future of Information Science and Technology in Korea"

Scientific Program

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Plenary Speakers

Alan Heeger (Nobel Laureate, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA)
- Semiconducting and Metallic Polymers: The Fourth Generation of Polymeric Materials

Seizo Miyata (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)
- Novel Organic EL Devices

Gerhard Wegner (Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, Germany)
- Polyconjugated Macromolecules: A Short History on Their Structural
Chemistry and Physical Properties

Industrial Speakers

Jong-Kee Yeo (LG Chemical Ltd., Korea)

- Recent Developments of Polymer Materials in the Field of TFT-LCD

Hyun-Soo Dong (Cheil Industries, Korea)
- Recent Trends in Electronic Materials Industry

Special Speakers

Takuzo Aida (University of Tokyo, Japan)
- Molecular Design of Photoresponsive Supramolecular and Macromolecular

Dongho Kim (Yonsei University, Korea)
- Molecular Photonics Based on Porphyrin Arrays

Invited Speakers

Harry Anderson (Oxford U., UK)
- Conjugated Rotaxanes: Encapsulated Dyes and Insulated Molecular Wires

Chantal Andraud (ENS-Lyon, France)
- Conjugated Oligomers: A New Strategy to Design Efficient Two-Photon

Patrice L. Baldeck (U. Grenoble, France)
- Optical Applications with Nanostructured Organic Materials

Andreas Braeuer (Fraunhoper Inst., Germany)
- Wafer-Scale Fabricated Microoptical and Guided Wave Interconnects in stable

Christoph Bubeck (MPI-P, Germany)
- Dispersions of Cubic Nonlinearities and Attenuation Losses of Polymer

Bong Rae Cho (Korea U., Korea)
- Nonlinear Optical and Two-Photon Absorption Properties of Octupolar

Yoshiki Chujo (Kyoto U., Japan)
- New -Conjugated Boron-Containing Polymers

Graham Cross (Durham U., UK)
- Local Field Aggregation Dependence of the Micro- and Macroscopic Optical
Non-linearity of Zwitterionic Molecules

Larry R. Dalton (USC & U. Washington, USA)
- Systematic Development of High Bandwidth, Low Drive Voltage Organic
Electro-Optic Devices and Their Applications

Stephen Forrest (Princeton U., USA)
- Efficient Harvesting of Excited States in Organic LEDs and Photodetectors

Peter Guenter (ETH, Switzerland)
- Organic Crystals and Thin Films for Nonlinear Optics

Sun-Gyu Han (Zen Photonics, Korea)
- Photonics Passive Devices with Polymers for Optical Networks

Samson A. Jenekhe (U. Washington, USA)
- Macromolecular Architecture Directed Self-Assembly of Conjugated Polymers

Francois Kajzar (CEA-LETI, DEIN/SPE, France)
- Light Control of Orientation of Molecules

Shashi P. Karna (Air Force Res. Lab., USA)
- Molecular Wires, Diodes, and Transistors: Fundamental Device Physics and
Structure-Property Relationships

Jae-Ho Kim (Ajou U., Korea)
- Photophysical Properties of Organic Dyes in the Self-Assembled Monolayers

Jang-Joo Kim (K-JIST., Korea)

- Polymer Optical Waveguide Devices: Passive and All Optical Switches and

Oh-Kil Kim (Naval Res. Lab., USA)

- Oligothiophene as Photonic/Electronic Property Modulator

Takayoshi Kobayashi (U. Tokyo, Japan)
- Ultrafast Optical Nonlinearity in Conjugated Polymers

Charles Lee (AFOSR, USA)
- Basic Research in Organics and Polymers at Air Force Office of Scientific

Roger A. Lessard (Laval U., Canada)
- Structure and Surface Morphology of BaTiO3 Thin Films Fabricated by Sol-Gel Processing

Klaus Meerholz (U. Munich, Germany)
- Recent Progress on Photorefractive Polymers

Andrezej Miniewicz (Wroclaw U. Tech., Poland)
- Liquid Crystals for Photonic Applications

Klaus Muellen (MPI-P, Germany)
- -Conjugation in 1-, 2- and 3-Dimensions - Tuning Optical and Charge
Transport Properties

Andre Persoons (U. Leuven, Belgium)
- Nonlinear Optical Electric and Magnetic Susceptibilities of Chiral Molecules

Paras N. Prasad (SUNY Buffalo, USA)
- Nanophotonics: Nanoscale Optical Science and Technology

Lyong Sun Pu (Fuji Xerox, Japan)
- Femtosecond Optical Switches by Squarylium Dye J-Aggregates Films

Gopal Rao (U. Boston, USA)
- Nonvolatile Holography in Organic Films with Optimized Molecular Reorientation

Narayana Rao (U. Hyderabad, India)
- Excited State Dynamics in Tetra Tolyl Porphyrins in Relevance to Third-Order
Nonlinearity and Optical Limiting

Marek Samoc (ANU, Australia)
- Third-Order Optical Nonlinearities of Oligomers, Dendrimers and Polymers
Derived from Solution Z-Scan Studies

Hiroyuki Sasabe (CIST, Japan)
- Photorefractive Carbazole Derivatives: Molecular Design and Applications

Yuen-Ron Shen (UC Berkeley, USA)

- Nonlinear Optics in Chiral Media

Yasuhiko Shirota (Osaka U., Japan)
- Photochromic Amorphous Molecular Materials and Their Applications

Benzhong Tang (Hong Kong U. Sci. Tech., Hong Kong)
- Synthesis and Optical Properties of Hyperbranched Polyarenes

M. O. Tjia (Bandung Inst. Tech., Indonesia)
- Coupling Characteristics in Optically Nonlinear Coherent Coupler with Planar

Robert Twieg (Kent State U., USA)
- Organic Charge Transport Materials and Their Importance in Optical and
Electronic Devices

Fosong Wang (Chinese Acad. Sci., China)
- Linear Molecular Wires: Solid Phase Synthesis and Electron Conduction Study

Wayne Wang (Carleton U., Canada)
- Organic Electrochromic Materials for Optical Attenuation

Joachim H. Wendorff (Marburg U., Germany)
- Optoelectronic Properties of Discotic Materials and Their Applications

Jeong Weon Wu (Ewha Womans U., Korea)
- Chiral Nonlinear Optics in Oxides, Polymers and Liquid Crystals

Masaki Yokoyama (Osaka U., Japan)
- Organic Multi-Layered Optical Logic Device

Taehyoung Zyung (ETRI, Korea)
- Organic Electronic Devices on Plastic Substrate

Tutorial Lecturers

El Hang Lee (Inha U., Korea)
- Photonics in the 21st Century: Issues and Challenges

Toshikuni Kaino (Tohoku U., Japan)

- Organic Optical Waveguides and Non-linear Optical Materials

Sin Doo Lee (Seoul N. U., Kora)

- Optics of Organic Thin Films and Devices

Tetsuo Tsutsui (Kyushu U., Japan)

- Organic Electroluminsecence: Past, Present and Future

Nakjoong Kim (Hanyang U., Korea)
- Organic Photorefractive Materials

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